Property Enhancement Services

Waterfowl Haven also provides consultation to those looking to enhance their own recreational properties.  We specialize in waterfowl, but have extensive knowledge and references to the big game side of things as well.  If you are looking to make your property more attractive to ducks, geese, turkey, deer, or elk, we can help you do that.  Through our network of connections in the outdoor industry we are able to consult with our very own engineers, wildlife biologists, agronomists, and professional hunters to come up with a plan that will be best suited to accomplish the goals you set forth for your property.  After initial consultation and management proposal, our clients then have the option to move forward with those plans through our contractors.  We can provide all the resources for the type of work your property needs.  Dirt work, pond excavation, acreage clean-up & clearing, prescribed burns, seed planting, and harvest.  We can assist you in making the finishing touches to the property with blind, pit, and tree stand locations.  We can build you your own customized hunting blind/pit or install tree stands and trim limbs above your new food plots.