Crane Hunts

The Mid-Continent population of the Sandhill crane is by far the most numerous population of these birds in North America. This specific population of cranes is made up of both the lesser and greater subspecies. The Mid-Continent population makes its way through SE Colorado each fall on their way to their wintering grounds in New Mexico, Texas, & Northern Mexico.

We will be providing the unique opportunity to hunt these elegant birds over decoys this October near Lamar, Colorado. This area is a migration corridor for the Sandhill crane as they make their way south.

Many hunters make their way from Colorado out to Kansas, Oklahoma, & Texas when the birds are right here at home!

We will be hunting cranes from the beginning of October to the early parts of November. These birds start to show up in our hunting area in late September and will continue migrating through for around 30-40 days. Hunters booking later in October also have the opportunity to combine their hunt for some migrating ducks.

We spent several years chasing Sandhill cranes from Canada to Mexico as they make their way south each fall. The Sandhill crane hunting opportunities in Colorado rival anywhere else in the country.

We will be putting our hunters on birds that have received little to no pressure as they have migrated from their summer nesting grounds. We are the only Sandhill crane guide service in Colorado. We will be hunting over decoys with professional calling. No pass shooting, no sky busting. Decoying cranes for up close and personal shooting opportunities.

Cranes also make excellent table fare earning them the nickname “The Ribeye of the Sky.”

Join us this October for a unique hunting opportunity for migrating Sandhill cranes.



With the Spring ’17 Crane season quickly approaching, now is the time to get your dates booked before we are completely sold out.  Hunts take place in Southern Colorado.

We highly recommend a minimum of 3 hunting days, however any number of days will make for a great hunt!
Mid October – Early November (Only 3 weeks long)

$300/gun (1 day)

$275/gun (2 days)

$225/gun (3 days)

*Dates do not have to booked consecutively to receive discount.
Lodging is not provide in cost of hunts. Private lodging options can be recommended by Waterfowl Haven upon request.

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