Corporate Package

What We Provide:

With Waterfowl Haven Outfitters you will be hunting with the best waterfowl guide service in the state.

  • Access to the best waterfowl properties on the Front Range.
  • We provide comfortable blinds and pits with heaters.
  • All the decoys needed to make a professional spread.
  • We do all the calling. Just sit back and watch the birds work in close.
  • The guide will read the birds behavior and call the shot.

Come out with your hunting party and enjoy the experience.  We do all the work so you can focus on the fun of the hunt and enjoy the people you are with.

By purchasing hunts as a pre-season package, our corporate clients save up to 60% on their selected hunts. 

Eligible for the following professionally guided hunts:

  • Sandhill cranes from early October to early November
  • Ducks from early October to mid-January
  • Canada Geese from mid-November to mid-February
  • Kansas Canada, Specklebelly, & Snow Geese from early to mid-February
  • Colorado Snow Geese from mid-February to mid-March

By purchasing a set number of “seats” during the pre-season, you will be eligible to schedule and use those seats with tremendous flexibility for any type of hunt, 7 days a week.

Click here to view our Corporate Package Brochure

In Order to Book Your Corporate Package Seats:

Minimum 10 day notice to Waterfowl Haven Office (Unless otherwise approved)

Min. of 1   Max. of 8 Hunters  (We will accommodate up to 12 hunters by special request)

Relay via phone or email to Waterfowl Haven Office the following:

  • Type of Hunt
  • Date of Hunt
  • Total Number of Hunters
  • Phone Number & Email for Group’s Main Contact

*Before each hunt, the main contact for the group will receive an information packet for their chosen hunt to prep them on what to expect, what to bring, etc.  A day or two before the hunt, information on meeting time & location, along with their guide’s information is sent in an email from the Waterfowl Haven Office.