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Hunt with Colorado’s #1 Duck & Goose Guiding Service

Waterfowl Haven Outfitters is the number one source for professionally guided waterfowl hunting in the Western U.S. Our relationships with landowners and other professionals in the industry has allowed us to gain access to the best waterfowling properties along the Front Range, SE Colorado, and North Central Kansas. Years of professional guiding experience and industry knowledge allows us to expertly manage our properties to provide consistent success throughout the hunting season.

We put more birds at the end of our hunters’ barrels than anyone else. For the 2016-2017 Season we are offering fully guided hunts for teal, ducks, Canada geese, specklebelly geese, snow geese & now Sandhill cranes!

All of our Front Range hunts take place within an hour of the Denver metro, so just 15 minutes from Downtown Denver! Our business runs based on the success of our clients in the field. You will not find a more competent, skilled, and harder working waterfowl outfitter in Colorado.

Call us today at 720-917-9662 to book your hunt of a lifetime.